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Debt Collection and Purchase of Loan Portfolios

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Debt collection

Debt collection agency AK Windykacja Sp. z o.o. provides debt collection services, which include: pre-trial, extrajudicial and judicial stage of recovery. This takes into account the legal status of the debtor, the amount of its debt and its complexity.

Payment for the Outcome

In cooperation with us, you will only pay for the result achieved — we work against a fixed percentage of the amount of debt that was paid back

Services of Professional Collectors

Legally correct, fast and efficient solutions

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Stages of Debt Collection


Signing of the Contract

Transfer of information on accounts receivable


Search for the Debtor

Modern methods of information search and acquisition


Motivation of the Debtor

Search for the best solution of debt repayment


Repayment of the Debt Amount

Control over payments and receipt of funds

Collection agency AK Windykacja Sp. z o.o. collects receivables from natural persons. In certain cases, it is impossible to negotiate with the debtor about the return of funds because such person deliberately provides false information and incorrect data about the property, does not come into contact. Our specialists have a wide experience in searching for a proper information about the debtor and its property.

Thanks to the accumulated and successful experience of many-year work in debt collection and use of efficient methods of working with a debtor, our agency guarantees you a quick repayment of debts in compliance with all applicable laws and legal ethics.

Agency AK Windykacja Sp. z o.o. provides its clients with a wide range of services related to debt collection from legal entities. We will help the client to find the best solution in every individual situation in order to repay a debt of an organization with observance of all legal norms. Our experts have proven themselves as true professionals in the field of debt recovery from any company in pre-trial and judicial proceedings.

We are ready to cooperate with the client at any stage of the claim negotiations, we will help to save time, solve the problem of any complexity. Experts of our agency will agree with the legal entity to promptly pay the debt in accordance with all norms of current legislation.

Advantages of AK Windykacja



We do not disclose information about debt liabilities.



The work is built in accordance with current legislation.



Competent work on the repayment of overdue debts.



Reports on scopes and stages of accomplished work on debt repayment.

The staff of AK Windykacja agency are successfully involved in support of the enforcement proceedings: we will help to avoid many legal problems, correctly prepare and file a lawsuit, initiate its consideration in court, establish relations between officials, prevent non-compliance with deadlines and formal approach of bailiffs to the debt collection procedure.

Cooperation with us is your guarantee of a positive result in court and, as a consequence, the repayment of the debt in full.

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Collection agency AK Windykacja Sp. z o.o. carries out the purchase of loan portfolios of both individuals and legal entities on the basis of a cession agreement (assignment of the right to demand). Our lawyers conduct a preliminary detailed analysis of the portfolio, overdue debt and on its basis make a decision to purchase the right to demand a loan at a fixed cost.

Please write to our specialists for more detailed information on this activity of our agency.

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